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MCS (Metabolic Conditioning + Speed)

Our Metabolic Conditioning + Speed (MCS) program is a 12-week, in-person, speed + conditioning program designed specifically to do 2 things:

  1. Increase your conditioning.
  2. Make you faster (40-yard dash, 100m, 200m, 400m).

There is, however, 1 requirement…


MCS is the best athlete speed + conditioning program on the planet because it understands the relationship between physical activity, respiration, energy, the kinetic chain (the body and how it functions as a unit), the task-driven demands of sports, as well as, how all of these things work in synergy to greater effect. Based on this understanding, it’s the only speed + conditioning program capable of developing speed in any athlete (not just the ones who are already fast), as well as, the stamina required to maintain the highest levels of intensity play after play.

Even better, MCS comes with Training Drive™, our cutting-edge virtual training platform. With Training Drive™, accessing workouts, tracking progress, and getting the personalized training feedback athletes need to maximize their athletic development is easier than ever before.


So, what exactly is Conditioning? Conditioning is the process of increasing aerobic and anaerobic capacity. By increasing these capacities, athletes can sustain prolonged physical and mental effort (stamina), as well as, reduce sport-related fatigue. And with MCS athletes will:

  • Go harder.
  • Compete at and maintain a higher level of intensity.
  • Require less rest, in order to, maintain peak physical and mental performance.
  • Recover quicker, in order to, restore peak physical and mental performance.

Given everything that goes into creating a superior athlete, conditioning is the glue that keeps them rockin’ on a whole other level all game long! And, in the fiercest of competitions, it’s the edge that separates the winners from the losers. So, when it comes to your conditioning, accept no substitute…  get the best Athlete Conditioning Program on the planet!


So, what is Speed? Speed is all about how fast you can fly around the track, up and down the court, field, or wherever else it is you’re required to run fast. And, with MCS it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to increase your 40-yard dash or your 100m – 400m sprint times, you’ll get faster or your money back!

  • Improve Running Form.
  • Improve Sprint Mechanics.
  • Increase Max Speed.
  • Increase Speed Endurance.

Let there be no question about it… speed kills. Problem is, if you’re not using MCS to develop it, it’s probably only capable of developing killer speed in athletes who already possess it.


In order to continue developing to their full potential, athletes will require a weighted vest by Week 5.

  1. Weighted Vest (w/ up to 20lbs bodyweight).
  2. Link to recommended Training Vest: BRUTE FORCE: APC Weighted Vest 3.0.
  3. ADR Complete or ADR Snapshot.

*All weighted vests are NOT created equal. Most are uncomfortable, will shift during training, are cheaply made, and ultimately, will hinder training.



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