Hit Club™

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SESSION 1 –  M/W 5:30-7PM + SAT 10-11:30AM.
SESSION 2 –  T/TH 5:30-7PM + SAT 10-11:30AM.

SESSION 1 –  M/W 5:30PM-7PM + SAT 11:30AM-1PM.
SESSION 2 –  T/TH 5:30PM-7PM + SAT 11:30AM-1PM.

If your athlete is in HS and you are interested in training, please click here.

*Programs @ Fort Hood Stadium will require access to post. Visitor Passes can be obtained at the Fort Hood Visitor Center.




When it comes to Tackle Football, the #1 reason teams don’t win, athletes don’t start, or get as much playing time as they’d like is because they haven’t been properly prepared to meet the physical demands of the game.

– Coach Neal


On the Football field, the majority of youth athletes lack what we consider to be the 6 Core Requirements needed to succeed. Those 6 core requirements are Knowledge, Motor Functionality, Confidence, Physicality, Killer Instinct, and Intensity. And, this is a huge problem, because regardless of any athlete’s more innate, natural abilities, these core requirements are part and parcel of developing into a superior high school and or college football player. Believe it or not, even some of the “best” youth athletes around, fall into this category. Sure, they’ll rock out and put on a show against less-than-capable athletes who can’t match their abilities. But, when competing at a comparable level, those innate, more natural abilities alone are never enough.

So, whether it’s the athlete who never gets any playing time or the starter who just never seems to play as well against some teams, the problem is actually the same… neither athlete has been properly prepared (trained) to meet the physical demands of the game.


Hit Club™. With Hit Club™, we instill all of the Knowledge, Motor Functionality, Confidence, Physicality, Killer Instinct, and Intensity every Tackle Football player needs to play this game the way it was meant to be played. And, we do this by utilizing ATS, the most powerful and effective sports training solution imaginable, in conjunction with live in-person group training sessions, to develop the aspects of the game that will actually transform a non-starter into a starter and a starter into a Monster, regardless of the level of competition.

On top of that, Hit Club™ includes access to all of our groundbreaking sports training technologies to ensure that our training aligns with the desired result… creating superior athletes!

  • T3™. Read more here.
  • Combat Logic™.Read more here.
  • ATS™. Read more here.
  • ATS™ Add-Ons. Read more here.
  • Gamification. Read more here.
  • Training Drive™. Read more here.


Hit Club™ runs in 12-week cycles. Concluding each 12-week cycle is a 2-week rest period. Rest is a tremendously important, yet constantly overlooked aspect of athlete development. Athletes, even during training cycles, simply need time to mentally and physically rest and recover.

During each 12-week cycle, training is broken down into three (3), 4-week phases.

  • PHASE 1: Emphasis on LV-1 and LV-2 METL + MTR-F.
  • PHASE 2: Emphasis on LV-2 METLE Compound Functions + MTR-F.
  • PHASE 3: Emphasis on any level METLE Compound Functions + MTR-F  and FX.

*Read more about METLE, Compound Functions, MTR-F, and FX here.


Hit Club™ has a variety of requirements. Athletes must have the following items:

  1. “Approved” helmet and shoulder pads by the beginning of Phase 2, Week 5.
  2. Mouthpiece.
  3. Padded football pants and practice jersey.
  4. Cleats.
  5. Leather or composite Wilson GST Football in the appropriate size.
  6. Equipment bag to keep all gear consolidated.
  7. Access to the internet (for use with ATS, Training Drive, etc.).

*For a list of approved equipment, please contact us at (254) 701-8350.

Football Sizes.


Hit Club™ provides a number of benefits by position:

  • QB’s. No more turning pass plays to run plays for a loss because you lack the confidence to stay in the pocket, break angles, and dot your receivers under pressure.
  • RB’s. No more running east and west for a loss because you’d rather not hit the holes between the tackles. No more solo tackles either, because, we’re talking yards after contact and defenses needing at least 2 guys to bring you down.
  • WR’s. Straight Ballhawk! Catch in coverage, across the middle, on contact…  just tell the QB to “put it up”. Oh and, let your RB know… we do more than run routes and catch, we hit blocks like Ro (Roblox).
  • OLINE. Knock that DLINE off the ball, fold those linebackers at the second level, and form a pocket tighter than a pair of pants 3 sizes too small!
  • DLINE. Explode into the gap, misdirect, spin, rip or just bull rush your way through the line to stuff the run and put the QB on his back. Oline? What Oline?
  • LINEBACKERS. Read, React and Smash through blocks, get downhill and attack those angles to kill any teams inside and outside running game. Oh, you wanna air it out… you must not have heard… we drop back and smack WR’s too. We’ve got the whole field on lock.
  • CORNERS. Welcome would be receivers to the island…  then, pressem’ up, lockem’ down, knockem’ off their route, and blow right through em’ on your way to stuffing that run Read.
  • SAFETIES. Nothing deep… put everything to sleep! That’s right, they beat coverage or make it past the line of scrimmage, it’s your job to collect what they owe. But tell ‘em … we’re not here for their money, we’re here to knock loose their soul…  Boom!



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