Hit Club™



8U-12U: Tuesdays 6-8PM, SATURDAYS 12-2PM.




When it comes to Tackle Football, the #1 reason teams don’t win, athletes don’t start, or get as much playing time as they’d like is because they haven’t been properly prepared to meet the physical demands of the game.

– Coach Neal


The majority of players on the field are scared to hit or be hit. And, this affects how they run, catch, QB, block, get off blocks, attack the ball, tackle, and everything else Football requires of them.

Hit Club™. With Hit Club™, we instill the Confidence, Killer Instinct, and Intensity every athlete needs to play this game the way it was meant to be played.

And, unlike ANY other training program, Hit Club™ allows athletes to earn Combat Ratings™ based on their ability to recite knowledge, as well as, execute that knowledge to task. That’s right, we’ve developed the first and only martial arts “Belt” style system for awarding rank and identifying level of expertise for  Tackle Football athletes. Read more about Hit Club™ levels here.




No more turning pass plays to run plays for a loss because you lack the confidence to stay in the pocket, break angles, and laser dot your receivers under pressure.


No more running east and west for a loss because you’d rather not hit those open holes between the tackles. No more solo tackles either, because, we’re talking yards after contact and defenses needing at least 2 guys to bring you down.


Straight Ballhawk! Catch in coverage, across the middle, on contact…  just tell the QB to “put it up”. Oh and, let your RB know… we do more than run routes and catch, we hit blocks like Ro (Roblox).


Knock that DLINE off the ball, fold those linebackers at the second level, and form a pocket tighter than a pair of pants 3 sizes too small!


Explode into the gap, misdirect, spin, rip or just bull rush your way through the line to stuff the run and put the QB on his back. Oline? What Oline?


Read, React and Smash through blocks, get downhill and attack those angles to kill any teams inside and outside run game. Oh, you wanna air it out… you must not have heard… we drop back and smack WR’s too. We’ve got the whole field on lock.


Welcome would be Receivers to the island…  then, pressem’ up, lockem’ down, knockem’ off their route, and blow right through em’ on your way to stuffing that run Read.


Nothing deep… put everything to sleep! That’s right, they beat coverage or make it past the line of scrimmage, it’s your job to collect what they owe. But tell ‘em … we’re not here for their money, we’re here to knock loose their soul…  Boom!



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