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Our FSP Resistance Training Program is hands down the best workout program for athletes who want to develop the strength and power required to win. Traditional weight lifting programs and lifts don’t even come close. That and, they promote over-work and muscular imbalances that may not matter to those more interested in a cosmetic result… but to the functional athlete, result in injury and significantly reduced athletic performance. Ditch the past. Join the functional future. Get FSP.



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Our FSP (Functional Strength & Power) program is hands down the best resistance-training program for developing strength and power in athletes. Yes, traditional strength training workouts will make you strong, but, they’re based on developing strength using exercises designed for a completely different purpose. Consequently, they focus on the development of strength utilizing movements that athletes don’t even use.

This is exactly why, regardless of how much an athlete can lift in the gym, it doesn’t translate to them being the better player on the field. But, our FSP Program aligns the development of strength and power to the specific function of athletes. And, this results in a far superior strength training program… one that can actually determine the outcome of a competition.

Stop playing. Go to W.A.R.

Work. Assert. Repeat.


  • 12 Month Subscription.
  • SAVE over $2,000 per year versus hiring a personal trainer.
  • FREE Program updates (with active subscription).
  • Learn and Train anywhere on your own schedule.
  • GREAT for self-paced athletes, as well as, parents that want to play a bigger role in their athlete’s development.



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