Move like the wind. Develop a quicker first step, second step, third, fourth, or however many steps you need to take. Explode in and out of cuts. Maintain balance and stability while changing direction at the speed of light. And more. That’s right, our Footwork Program is your secret weapon to shredding through and outmaneuvering your competition. Get started today!


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What is Footwork? Simple. Footwork is getting your feet up and down through the ground as fast as possible, in order to, accelerate, drive through, change direction or maintain stability. Without a solid footwork foundation, you’ll have: a slow first step, slow acceleration/reacceleration, decreased mobility, decreased stability into or out of changes in direction, as well as, significantly decreased dynamic movement.

And, yes… decreased dynamic movement translates directly into getting your ankles broken, or not being able to break them.

FOOTWORK LEVEL: 1 focuses on utilizing One Step Starts and Push Drive Combinations (OSS-PDC) to perform a variety of fundamental “steps”: Lateral steps, Diagonal steps, Drop Steps, Breaking, Cutting, Opening, and Turning.

Even better, it includes all of the Basic Movements you need to start moving like the wind. And, from the Footwork Guru himself, Columbus Givens III. Mastery of this program will develop balance, stability, mobility, body control, acceleration, improve muscular imbalances, and more! **This program is a MUST HAVE for ANY athlete ready to increase their mobility, coordination, and start moving like the wind.**

FOOTWORK LEVEL: 2 is all about developing more complicated/ dynamic footwork movements. Coming Soon.

FOOTWORK LEVEL: 3 is all about taking these more complicated/ dynamic footwork movements to the next level, by applying them to real-world game scenarios. Coming Soon.

Stop playing. Go to W.A.R.

Work. Assert. Repeat.


  • 12 Month Subscription.
  • SAVE over $2,000 per year versus traditional training.
  • FREE Program updates (with active subscription).
  • Learn and Train anywhere on your own schedule.
  • GREAT for self-paced athletes, as well as, parents that want to play a bigger role in their athlete’s development.


  • 10 AgilityHexes/ Agility Rings
  • Weighted Vest with 10-20% of your bodyweight for weight (optional).


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