Flight School (V+EP) Training Program


Get Flight School today and start increasing your Vertical + Explosive power like never before. Jump Higher. Jump Further. And, Explode quicker, faster, and more powerfully, off the line, as well as, into and out of every movement your sport requires!

This program is a must-have for any Athlete looking to increase their competitive edge, set themselves apart from the rest of the competition, and get recruited.



Flight School is the best training program for developing your Vertical + Explosive power.

Even better, all of our programs and skill-packs are delivered through Training Drive™, our cutting-edge virtual training platform. With Training Drive™, accessing your workouts, tracking your progress, and getting the personalized training and on-demand feedback you need to maximize your athletic development is easier, less expensive, and more convenient than ever before.


  1. Tape Measure (to measure vertical jump height).
  2. Chalk or other means of marking jump height.
  3. Measuring wheel (or other device for measuring broad jumps).


  1. Weighted Vest (w/ up to 20lbs bodyweight).
  2. Link to recommended Training Vest: BRUTE FORCE: APC Weighted Vest 3.0.
  3. ADR Complete or ADR Snapshot.


  • 12-Month Subscription to Flight School program.
  • PERFORMANCE tracking and graphs included.
  • SAVE thousands of dollars per year versus traditional training.
  • FREE program updates (with active subscription).
  • LEARN and TRAIN anywhere on your own schedule.
  • GREAT for self-paced athletes, as well as, parents that want to play a bigger role in their athlete’s development.



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