D-Line Skillpack


There’s a reason some athletes don’t start. There’s also a reason, not every D-LINEMAN is as dominant as the next. Fortunately, our D-LINE SKILLPACK changes all of that. Includes: all of the Task Driven, Knowledge-Based Curriculum you need to start transforming into the most destructive D-LINEMAN on the planet!



Built on our powerful T3 framework, our D-LINE SKILLPACK provides all of the Task Driven Knowledge-Based Curriculum you need to start transforming into a top-level Defensive Tackle or Defensive End.

So, whether you’re looking for that competitive edge or you need to work your way off the bench and into the game, our D-LINE SKILLPACKs got you covered.


  1. Hand-held blocking pad.
  2. Partner or upright Stand alone blocking pad to work against.
  3. 10+ Agility Hexes.
  4. 10-20 Cones.


  • 12 Month Subscription to D-LINE SkillPack.
  • SUPERIOR training, as well as, results.
  • FREE Program/ SkillPack updates (with active subscription).
  • LEARN and TRAIN anywhere on your own schedule.
  • GREAT for self-paced athletes, as well as, parents that want to play a bigger role in their athlete’s development.



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