It's the most physically and mentally demanding sport there is. Similar to other sports, it requires: individual skill, speed, strength, agility, IQ, and conditioning. However, given the physical demands and contact nature of the sport, it requires a little something more.

Regardless of what anyone tells you, team practice and training are not the same thing. Training is where athletes develop their skills and transform into Monsters. Team Practice is where Monsters come together, learn the coaches system, fine tune their skills in that system, and develop into a powerhouse team. The Team Coach expected to create monsters, as well as, create a powerhouse team will always come up short.

SUMMER CLASSES: 1-3PM or 430-630PM

SAQ + Reactive Agility

Workout + MI Core Curriculumn

SAQ + Reactive Agility

Workout + MI Core Curriculumn

Make up day as needed.

At Monsters Inc. we utilize the 4 phases of sports performance training:

  1. Stabilization: To improve muscular endurance, stability, flexibility, coordination, and posture.
  2. Strength: Increasing muscle strength to significantly increase work capacity and the ability to physically dominate your opponent.
  3. Power: The key to taking speed and muscular efficiency to the next level.
  4. Skill: The motor function required to coordinate the stabilization, strength, and power phases into efficient execution of sports specific tasks: catching, throwing, downhill running, blocking, getting off of blocks, pursuing and tackling the ball carrier, etc.

At Monsters Inc. we also understand the science behind, as well as, implement the following training concepts:

  • Speed: Get faster and more explosive by training the proper metabolic energy systems. That's right, the same science that helps develop some of the fastest men and women in the world is the same science utilized here at Monsters Inc. When it comes to making our monsters faster, we're not playing around. Neither should you.
  • Agility: Move like a pro! Yes, cones are a great start, but real agility cannot be trained using pre-planned environments. Athletes must learn to react in unpredictable environments to truly harness cognitive functions such as: real time visual processing, timing, reaction time, perception, and anticipation that moving like the pros demands.
  • Core: Monsters need to be strong! But, what most "coaches" don't realise is that strength starts with a solid core... the foundation on which every monster is built.
  • Resistance (Strength): Once you've established a solid core, your foundation is ready for all the upper and lower body strength, power, and muscular endurance monsters need to eat.
  • Conditioning: Fight harder, longer, and play till the end of the 4th quarter like it's still the 1st. No, we don't just over-work athletes, we understand the science behind cardio-respiratory fitness. That and, how speed and conditioning training work together to create the complete athlete.
  • Flexibility: It's all about range of motion and possessing optimal control of movement.
  • Balance: The key to all functional movement. Overlooked by many, balance training helps prevent lower extremity injuries (ankles, knees).
  • Plyometrics: Generate quick, powerful, and explosive movements in order to project the body with greater velocity/ speed of movement.

We see it all the time, from youth league all the way up to High School. Our athlete's are pretty dang good until they play someone better. We go from running up the scoreboard on everyone to getting the scoreboard run up on us. It's not that our athletes can't compete amongst the best, it's that our kids, as talented as they may be, are not receiving the proper training required to succeed. That and, they don't trully understand the nature of the game.

You see, football and running into a wall are very similar. Only our kids decide that, because there's a wall there, they can't go any further. What they fail to realize is that "running into the wall" isn't the end of the game... it's what lets you know the game has finally begun.

The difference between a kid that plays football and a Monster on the football field is that Monsters don't stop when they hit that wall... Monsters tear that wall down! And, they do it because not only have they received the best sports training imagineable, but they posses 3 things that only Monsters Inc. can provide:

The ferocious desire to succeed or win. And in football, your athletes desire has to be ferocious enough to succeed or win no matter who their playing, no matter the score, and no matter the challenge... even if it requires having to go up against a bigger, faster, and stronger opponent with the refs helping them every step of the way. Your athlete has to understand that winning and losing isn't about who's the most talented... it's about who's got the most fight and finding out which one of you is going to break first.

Your athlete must posses the physical and mental stamina to assert himself, again and again, over the course of an entire game, against any and every opponent.

The key difference between assertion and aggression is control. Those capable and confident enough to assert themselves understand the physical nature of the game, and are both physically and mentally prepared to fight through any adversity. Those who must rely on aggression, lose control, play in spurts, and break down mentally over the course of the game.

Your athlete must posses and play with a feverish level of intensity. INTENSITY: The measurable amount of output, where output = intensity, and your athlete's level of intensity relates specifically to their ability to meet the demands of the game at the highest level of play.

When it comes to sports, we mistakenly believe that through team practice alone, our athletes will receive all of the training being good at sports requires. That and, we have been programmed to believe that training athletes does not require any kind of formal education. Not only are these ideas the furthest things from the truth, but they have created an environment where our athletes abilities are marginalized and any development is limited to the best guess of individuals who, though they mean well, simply do not posses the required knowledge to help athletes become their best.

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