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You're Invited.

I cordially invite you to experience something different.

I'm creating (1) one 11U Training-Based Tackle Football team to train and compete this Spring for the opportunity to play in the PRO FOOTBALL HALL OF FAME WORLD YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIPS in Canton, Ohio December 6th-15th.

Youth sports is all about the experience. And, I believe the opportunity to: step away from the traditional Youth Football approach; train; develop; compete against teams from across the world; be broadcast on national television; play in an emerging $889 Million-Dollar Football Complex; and align our youth with the Pro Football Hall of Fame represents the best Football experience imagineable.

Unfortunately, Youth Football has become more about ego and recruiting than training and development. So much so, that as parents, we've been led to believe our kids will:

  • Be good at something they're not being trained to do (team practice is not training).
  • Properly tackle, block, run through an opponent, or otherwise play the game of Football without proper instruction and in cheap equipment.
  • Excel in Unlimited Weight Divisions without strength training.
  • Learn to run faster from someone who doesn't understand things like Plantar Flexion.
  • Be conditioned by someone who doesn't understand metabolic energy systems.
  • Be developed by someone that doesn't understand the basic principles of: performance training, motor learning, or athletic development.
  • Be coached up by anyone who uses favoritism as a strategy and thinks Football formations and schemes are abritrary.

There's a reason Boxing, MMA, Tumbling, Gymnastics, etc. operate out of their own facilities, provide year-round training programs, have a paid staff, cost money, and actually prepare their athletes before expecting them to compete. But, for whatever reason, when it comes to the hardest hitting, most physically and mentally demanding skill based sport there is, we've been convinced that the very real process of training and preparing youth athletes to succeed is... unneccessary.

The norm has been and continues to be, "give that kid an instrument (position)", then, expect them to play amazing music (football) without ever teaching them to read music, play the notes, understand the instrument, or develop their technique. That or, "hey, I know this is your first day in gymnastics, but see that Vault over there... go win us a championship".

My approach. I believe this area will dominate Youth Tackle Football when we adopt a more realistic approach to playing competitive sports. That's why, over the years, I've invested heavily in understanding performance training concepts and athletic development, created the best Football Training curriculumn available, as well as, operate my own 20,000 square foot training facility. And now, it's time to start providing:

  • Concept-Based Training: core, speed, agility, strength, conditioning, flexibility, balance, and plyo.
  • Motor-Based Skill/ Athletic Development: blocking, shedding blocks, tackling, breaking tackles, QB skills, Receiver Skills, Owning the box, coveragae, physicality, killer intstinct + intensity, real-time visual processing, and overall game IQ.
  • Cross Sport Development: Football is our focus, but other sports related skills provide a great means of assisting in the development of body movement and overall coordination.
  • Better Equipment: The majority of youth football equipment available or being provided to your child is cheap, offers NO real protection, causes more problems (injuries, headaches, neck, back, and shoulder issues) than they prevent, and, in our experience, is the biggest contributing factor to kids not performing and or enjoying the game as much as they should.
  • Awesome Coaching: Anybody can call themselves a coach, but here, every coach must prepare for and pass our Coaches Exam. This ensures that our staff is knowledgeable, teaching real Football, up to date on the latest trends in youth athlete development, and your athlete is receiving the best instruction possible.

Again, Youth Football has become so fixated on ego, that folks will undoubtedly "share" their "expert opinion" on what I'm building. But, while the same ones who couln't hold a real conversation about formations, schemes, the kinetic chainperformance training concepts, energy systems, motor learning, skill or athletic development, try their hardest to knock me and my approach, there are a few things you should know:

  • There is NO dialed down, age version of Tackle Football. You're either teaching Tackle Football or you're not.
  • To date, teams have only been built 1 of 2 ways: [1] Luck of the draw (hold registrations and get who you get). [2] Recruit the "good" kids (go after the more "natural" athletes on other teams).
  • [1] has NEVER been able to compete with [2]. And [2], has NEVER resulted in "winning" where the better teams play.
  • Beating teams because you have more "good" kids than they do, but then, getting boat-raced by teams that are actually playing Football is NOT being competitive... it's a sign that our kids are not being properly taught and or prepared to play the game.
  • It's not that our kids can't be great... it's that, until we break away from this ego-driven Football culture where: favoritism reigns supreme, helmets and shoulder pads don't make that big of a difference, offensive/ defensive formations and schemes are arbitrary, training and team practice are interchangeable, and "Coach Neal just likes to use big fancy words like Plantar Flexion and Phosphagen System but them things ain't got nothin' to do with Football", etc... they won't.

Over the last 7 years (running my own organization, being involved with other organizations, and coaching various All-Star events), I've watched: kids, that could be great, never receive the level of instruction they needed to transform; the "good" kids constantly coming up short against real competition; kids sustaining injuries because of the equipment they were wearing; coaches teaching an inferior version of football; and parents, who just want the best for their kids, being misled and misinformed.

I've also seen first hand what real training, developmentpreparation, and better equipment can do! Consequently, I've decided to finally go ALL-IN... stop coaching, what I believe to be, recreational football on a competitive level... and start pushing to create the first Training-Based Competitive Football Team this area has ever seen.

No, this program will not be for everyone. Some kids will fail to adapt and some parents will be unwilling to commit. But, one thing is for certain... the athletes and parents who accept this invitation, adapt, and are willing to commit... will transform, compete, and enjoy Tackle Football on a whole new level!





Contact Coach Neal at:
(512) 619-1878