At Soldier Up Sports, we pride ourselves on creating and delivering the absolute BEST sports training products imaginable. Consequently, we are proud to be the ONLY training solution (that we know of) confident enough in its own programs to provide a 100% Money Back Guarantee (MBG).

The purpose of Sports Training is to develop top-level athletes. And, the definition of top-level is: of the highest level. So, given the current climate of collegiate sports, where out of 357 D1 NCAA Colleges and Universities (the highest level) in which a variety of 10 schools can dominate the remaining 347, across the board, in any given sport... can only mean, that even at the D1 level, there is a considerable shortage of top-level athletes.

That being said, along with everything we know about the human body, how it works, motor functionality, athletic development, task related sport-specific development, so on and so forth... a sports training program is either capable of providing “real” sports training and producing top-level athletes... or it’s not! And, after all the money you’ve spent and time your athlete spent busting their ass, if your athlete isn’t going D1, it’s not!

We guarantee that any athlete, to include athletes whose parents do so on their behalf, who purchase an Athlete Battle Plan, to determine whether or not the desired training result is even practical, having been deemed practical, then, purchases The Training App, complete with our Monthly Coaching Subscription, who does the work, and Levels Up to a 7 (or above) Scale Rating, based on their sport and or position specific Scale Evaluations, will indeed make it to and play sports at the D1 Level.

In the event that any of the following conditions are met, the above mentioned guarantee shall be considered void and no longer binding between the athlete, parent/ program purchaser, and Soldier Up Sports. 

  • Athlete failed to do the work required by The Training App™ and applicable Monsters Inc™ progams, in order to, achieve a minimum of a Level 7 Scale Rating.
  • Athlete, regardless of their reasoning, decided not to accept any D1 offer and or offers made available to them. To include being considered as a “walk-on”.
  • Athletes actions and or conduct, on and or off the field, have effected their D1 desirability.
  • Athlete dropped out, didn't graduate, or otherwise did not complete High School.
  • Athlete cannot meet the applicable NCAA Eligibility Standards.
  • Athlete cannot meet the academic standards of an interested D1 college or university (regardless of whether or not that college or university's standard is higher than the the applicable NCAA Eligibility Standards).
  • Athlete unfortunately sustained an injury that prohibits them from competing at the D1 level and or has caused D1 colleges and university's to lose interest.
  • Athlete quit or otherwise stopped engaging in required training activities and or sports in general.