The goal of our Excel And Thrive Sports Initiative is to help parents, athletes, and coaches identify the best and safest Tackle Football equipment and accessories on the market. Why? Because, equipment plays a huge role in how well your athlete will perform on the field. Put them in bad equipment, and they will never take to, enjoy, or play the game the way it was meant to be played. But, put them in the best equipment, and watchem' EAT! 


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Q. How do you test the Equipment?
A. All equipment is tested  based on our Equipment Performance Scale (EPS)

Q. Are you paid by equipment manufacturers to favorably review then promote their equipment?
A. No. Because, if our EPS determines any equipment to be unsuitable for Tackle Football, I don't want anything to do with it, and neither should you! I am only interested in selling, promoting, or getting behind equipment that I know will help kids EAT! 

Q. What is the difference between your testing and laboratory testing?
A. My testing process tests equipment while it's being worn by athletes being asked to play Football! In my testing environment, the equipment is either going to: allow the athlete to do what needs to be done, or it's not. In the laboratory, they're going to simulate the game of Football with expensive machines and attempt to determine how the equipment being tested "might" fair on the field, based on a variety of Football related data collected over the years. 

Q. Can you provide me a link to any laboratory testing results?
A. For helmets, yes. Virginia Tech Youth Helmet Ratings: Click here. Virginia Tech Varsity Helmet Ratings: Click Here. NFL Helmet Ratings: Click Here

Q. What is the difference between the Virginia Tech and NFL testing results?
A. The only difference we know for sure is that, currently, and for whatever reason, Virginia Tech publishes it's methodologies, while the NFL does not.