Regardless of whether you’re looking for an in-person or virtual training solution, the first thing we do is get all of our athletes enrolled in ATS. Short for Athlete Training Subscription, ATS provides athletes with all of the LV-1 Knowledge-Based curriculum required to perform their necessary sport + position-specific METLEs. Basically, once you possess the knowledge, it’s significantly easier for the mind and body to coordinate the performance of METLEs.

*Without a solid knowledge base, you’re asking the mind to tell the body to do something it doesn’t even know how to do yet.

And, through our gamification feature, athletes can earn the first (of 3) SkillPack Badge sections required to complete the full image for each available SkillPack Badge. To earn the first section, athletes must pass the LV-1 quiz, available in their LV-1 SkillPacks for that particular skill.

While they’re mastering the required knowledge, they can start diving into their LV-2 SkillPacks. LV-2 SkillPacks provide all of the task-driven skills and drills they need to begin associating their LV-1 knowledge with the performance and execution of the corresponding LV-2 METLEs.

*LV-2 Badge sections cannot be earned until the LV-1 section for that badge has been earned.


Now, whether athletes are involved in team practice or working with a trainer, the majority of athletes will need to put in at least 6-8 hours per week, on their own, in order to develop LV-2 METLEs. Why? Because, mastery of these tasks is not determined by any amount of team practice, the trainer, or any magic number of sessions.

Mastery of these tasks is determined by the athletes’ ability to put in the required work needed to demonstrate the necessary Motor Functionality (MTR-F). That and, the association of knowledge to task, LV-2 MTR-F, requires considerably more time and focused effort than what practices and or a few training sessions per week are capable of providing.

And again, through gamification, as athletes develop their LV-2 skill set, they can submit “snapshots” through Training Drive, in order to, earn the LV-2 section of each available SkillPack Badge.

*The absence of accessible LV-1 and LV-2 curricula, in conjunction with, the false notion that team practices and or a few training sessions per week alone are capable of transforming the majority of athletes into superior athletes, is perhaps the most significant disconnect between traditional sports training practices and their ability to be effective.


Next, we introduce our Advanced Group Combat Training. This is where athletes participate in a live group training session and get to put all of the skills they’ve been developing to the test! In doing so, not only will they develop the Confidence, Intensity, and  Killer Instinct, required to earn Combat Patches down the road, but it’s the perfect opportunity to earn the third and final section of each SkillPack Badge required to complete, and finally flex the entire image.

Even better, after each AGCT session, athletes receive a free ADR (delivered through Training Drive™️). With an ADR, athletes, based on their performance, are prescribed the required training, needed to focus their development during the week, in preparation for their next AGTC session.


And this brings us to one of the most neglected aspects of sports training… the reality that every task is connected to and therefore a function of its corresponding ATC.

You can’t jump high without a vertical. You can’t change direction quick enough without footwork, You can’t block without strength, you can’t hit hard, push on or through without power, you’ll never be fast without speed, and no matter how fast you are, you can’t maintain any level of intensity without conditioning.

With ATS you get every ATC Program you need to ensure your athletes’ quality of training is on par with their dream, as well as,:

  • A Position-specific Battle Plan to ensure athletes are developing their ATCs and METLEs on par with the highest caliber athletes in their sport.
  • A complete Training Plan that shows them exactly how to schedule and manage all of their training.
  • Even more gamification! Athletes get to earn ATC Achievements and flex their accomplishments as they increase their speed, conditioning, strength, power, vertical, footwork, and more.


Let there be no question about it. ATS is the most powerful sports training solution imaginable. And, with it, Sports Training is finally capable of arriving at its intended purpose… producing superior athletes.

Once your athlete is enrolled in ATS, everything they need to access Training Drive, ATS, as well as, start training and transforming into a monster on the playing field is included in your ATS Welcome Email.