Soldier Up is an inspirational life, sports, and fitness training brand. Founded by former D1 athlete and combat veteran Neal Saunders, Soldier Up represents the evolution of life and sports to the next level; where life is more than just something waiting to happen to you, and sports are more than just something you play… they are your battlefield. And on this battlefield, you operate at your highest level of potential every day, success is your mission, and failure is NOT an option. 



There is nothing in life that comes without sacrifice. And, there is no greater representation of that sacrifice than soldiers on the battlefield. For there is no challenge greater than that which is asked of these courageous men and women. You see, war is the truest test of all wills and there is no such thing as going harder or pushing ones self further than squaring off against life's fiercest competitor (death).

Such a feat is truly inspirational, and if soldiers (past, present, and future) are willing to accept this challenge on behalf of us, then the time has come for us to draw from their inspiration, embrace life as our battlefield, Soldier Up in our own lives, go harder, and push ourselves closer to our dreams. Because if war has taught me anything, it’s that there is a soldier in all of us... and living's not about where we are in life, it’s about where we want to be, Soldiering Up, and getting there.

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We offer the very best in Youth Sports training and development. Currently, we offer: Football, Baseball, and Speed + Agility Training. Our programs are designed for parents who want their children to be the best at the sports they play and athletes who dream of being the next generation of Top College Recruits, Professional Athletes, and successful men and women alike. For more information about our programs click here.

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Great for individuals, active parents, teams, and coaches looking for a more private training experience. No crowds = more focused work = better athletes. Batting Cages, Pitching Mounds, Training Floor, Workout Area, Multi-Use practice fields. Book your facility time by clicking here.

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As a soldier, CIF is where you went to be issued and sign for all of your personal equipment/ gear. As such, we felt it only appropriate to name our Retail Sports Equipment Store after the facility that makes sure our soldiers have every thing they need to go to war. At CIF, we have gone through all of the available brands, filtered out the BS, and provide the best prices on the best equipment for serious athletes.

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Creating and inspiring the next generation of professional athletes and successful men and women alike... that's what Soldier Up is all about. We offer a variety of inspirational apparel and sporting goods through our CIF online and retail store, youth sports training programs, sports themed events, and more. Feel free to navigate our site and get a feel for all of the awesome products and services we offer.



All some folk’s see when they look at our logo is a man with a gun. However, we see the greatest example of perseverance imaginable. Born on the battlefield in 2004, the soldier logo is an actual photograph of Soldier Up founder Neal Saunders (taken by Deatrik King) at Camp War Eagle (2004 Sadr City, Iraq) preparing himself and his weapon for battle. At first, the photograph was just one of many photographs representing his time at war, but soon, it would be transformed into the most inspirational brand on the planet.

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The iconic Soldier Logo image was originally taken by Detrick King (2004) at Camp War Eagle in Bagdhad, Iraq. In the photo, SGT Saunders (Neal: Soldier Up Founder) is preparing himself and weapon for battle. 3 years later (2007), this photo was transformed into the red white and blue Soldier Logo by Rob Viper of vipergfx.com and Soldier Up was born. The gloves (obviously non-standard issue) were a pair of Neuman Tackified Leather Wide Reciever Gloves. According to SGT Saunders, "I've always loved football and before the enemy started bombarding our base with mortar strikes, we would actually get out and play in our downtime. As far as standard-issue gloves go, I kept tearing them between the fingers or the threads would come loose...  either way, they just wouldn't hold up. One day, I was like **ck it, decided to rock my Neumanns and ended up wearing them the rest of the deployment".

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Some folks had problems understanding the Soldier Logo. All they saw was a man with a gun (completely overlooking the fact that it was a soldier). This inspired Soldier Up founder Neal Saunders to design a new logo that embodied all of the qualities of a soldier and represented what the brand is all about. "A Diamond..." said Neal, "that's what the logo needs to be". Having its origin in the greek word "adamas" (meaning unconquerable, invincible), a diamond is the hardest natural material in the world. Created in the most extreme conditions on earth under immense pressure and heat, "the diamond represents every challenge in life..." says Neal, "and our ability to conquer life's challenges, emerging unbroken, unconquered, invincible... is exactly what Soldier Up is all about. The first image is the original drawing made by Neal Saunders himself, the second is his digital render of the original drawing.

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