Soldier Up is an inspirational life, sports, and fitness training brand. Founded by former D1 athlete and combat veteran Neal Saunders, Soldier Up represents the evolution of life and sports to the next level; where life is more than just something waiting to happen to you, and sports are more than just something you play… they are your battlefield. And, on this battlefield you operate at your highest level of potential every day, success is your mission, and failure is NOT an option.


"Soldier Up" means: to train hard, prepare for battle, go to war, stop crying, get out of your feelings, make shit happen, accomplish the mission, defy the odds, never stop trying, overcome, take on anything, rise to the challenge, fight, go harder, push through, don't quit, eat, and make no excuses. 



There's nothing in life that comes without having to go hard for it. And, there is no greater representation of going hard than soldiers on the battlefield. You see, soldiers go to war! No excuses, under fire, life on the line, they rise to the challenge, come what may, fighting through adversity on their way to accomplshing the mission.

Such a feat is truly inspirational. And, if soldiers (past, present, and future) are willing to go to war on behalf of us, then the time has come to draw from their inspiration, embrace life as our battlefield, Soldier Up, go harder, and fight through any and every challenge standing between us and living our dreams. Because, if war has taught me anything, it’s that there's a soldier in all of us... and livings not about waking up every morning just to let life punch you in the mouth... it’s about identifying your goals, your dreams, where you want to be, Soldiering Up, and punching life in its' FN' mouth every-dang-day on your way to getting there.

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We offer the very best in Youth Sports Training & Development. Currently, we offer: Tackle Football training. Our programs are designed for parents who want their children to be the best at the sports they play and athletes who dream of being the next generation of Top College Recruits, Professional Athletes, and successful men and women alike. For more information about our programs click here.

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Created by viperGFX, this logo was developed to represent the greatest example of perseverance imaginable. Born on the battlefield in 2004, the soldier logo is an actual photograph of Soldier Up founder Neal Saunders (taken by Deatrik King) at Camp War Eagle (2004 Sadr City, Iraq) preparing himself and his weapon for battle. At first, the photograph was just one of many photographs representing his time at war, but soon, it would become the foundation on which Neal Saunders would begin building the most inspirational brand on the planet.

Since its initial release, there have been several spin-offs, but none that have come close to capturing the reality of life and everything the soldier represents.

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Some folks had problems understanding the Soldier Logo. All they saw was a man with a gun. This inspired Soldier Up founder Neal Saunders to design a new logo that embodied all of the qualities of a soldier and represented what the brand is all about. "A Diamond..." said Neal, "that's what the logo needs to be".

Having its origin in the greek word "adamas" (meaning unconquerable, invincible), a diamond is the hardest natural material in the world. Created in the most extreme conditions on earth under immense pressure and heat, "the diamond represents every challenge in life..." says Neal. And, "our ability to conquer life's challenges, emerging unbroken, unconquered, invincible..." is exactly what Soldier Up is all about. The first image is the original drawing made by Neal Saunders himself, the second is his digital render of the original drawing.