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Founded by Neal E. Saunders, Soldier Up Sports is the unequivocal sports training authority and curriculum development juggernaut. Powered by Triangular Training Theory (T3) and Scale Logic, Soldier Up Sports has unlocked the formula for developing top HS players and NCAA D1 caliber athletes alike. 


Developed by Neal E. Saunders, Triangle Training Theory (T3) is the framework on which Soldier Up Sports builds the most powerful and effective sports training programs and curriculums imaginable. T3 combines all of our sports-related technologies (METL Tasks, MTR-F, ATC’s, Core Training Principles, Scale Logic, and more) to; establish the doctrinal foundation for how to train and develop superior athletes.


Also developed by Neal E. Saunders, Scale Logic is the only athlete evaluation process that can objectively and accurately evaluate sport-specific ability. How does it work? Scale Logic compares observable and verifiable facts with METL and Motor Functionality (MTR-F) standards to return an athlete’s Scale Rating. This Scale Rating can then be used to:

  1. Develop significantly better players.
  2. Identify and recruit the best players in a given recruiting class
  3. Identify and draft the best players in a given draft class.
  4. Create stronger lineups, depth charts, rotations, etc.
  5. Prescribe training and curriculum (that works) to; develop athletes to the desired level.
  6. Win.


Neal E. Saunders (Coach Neal).

4-years varsity, NCAA D1… but, none of that matters. Because, despite excelling as an athlete, Coach Neal’s true journey into sports didn’t begin as an athlete on the playing field, it began as a soldier on the battlefield. That’s right, war changed everything for Neal. And, it was there, on the battlefield, that his passion for sports met the confidence, courage, and know-how to finally get back to work. 
This time, however, the work wouldn’t be about preparing himself for the playing field, it would be about bringing his childhood dream to life. That dream? To travel the nation in an 18 wheeler, teaching athletes all over the country how to beast! Little did he know, technology would transform that 18 wheeler into a 19-letter domain name. And, his military service would provide the foundation on which he would build what will become the greatest sports training platform imaginable.
And so it began… Honorably discharged from the United States Army in 2005, Neal immersed himself into every facet applicable to his dream. The result, Soldier Up Sports, lifeismybattlefield.com, and the only Task Driven Knowledge-Based sports training curriculum in existence. Perhaps the biggest influence on Neal was FM 7-1, Battle Focused Training, the Army’s doctrinal foundation for how to train. It was in those pages, he discovered the secret to transforming athletes, regardless of their current skill level, into Monsters. And thus, from those pages, combined with the latest (and constantly evolving) innovations in sports science, arose Triangle Training Theory, The Scale, MTR-F, METL, ATC’s, The Saunders Algorithm, I+KI, and essentially, The Formula for producing better, higher caliber athletes at will.
According to Neal, once you get past the grand explanation of it all, “it’s simple… in sports, there are only 2 things: knowledge and an athlete’s ability to associate that knowledge to task. At Soldier Up Sports, it’s our job to transform that raw knowledge into Task Driven Knowledge-Based Curriculum. From there, success on the playing field is no longer a question of  ‘innate/ more naturals abilities’, ‘odds’ or ‘if’ an athlete can be great. The only question is whether or not they’ll do the work”.
Stop Playing. Go To W.A.R.
Work. Assert. Repeat.
WIll Curry (Coach Curry)
For Coach Curry, it all started in 1987, playing unorganized Football as a 9-year-old on the field at Osgood Park, New Britain Connecticut, right next to the Police Athletic League (PAL) building. From the projects, and poor, he noticed that the kids going over to the PAL building, playing structured Football, seemed to be having more fun. That and, he immediately took a liking to the fact that they got to wear uniforms and cleats.
Then, came the stories from all the PAL kids in the neighborhood about Detective Beady and how he would buy them little trinkets, food, and other things if they played well. For Curry, this was exciting, and he remembers saying “shoot, I’m faster and can tackle better than them… so I’m going to go over there and get me some cleats and something to eat”.
And EAT he did, transforming himself into a defensive juggernaut at Nose Tackle, Defensive End, and Middle Linebacker for Newington and East Hartford high schools. But then came life, and the reality that, young men void of the support system required to keep them focused and on task, shall be consumed.
“Life is definitely a battlefield”, says Curry. “But, sometimes it takes the dark, to see the light. And for me, that light was God’s grace… Blessing me with children of my own and allowing me the opportunity to become what I never possessed, so that they could succeed where I lost and find strength where I fell weak”. 
As his children grew, they too developed his athletic ability. So, it wasn’t long before Curry found himself back on the football field teaching his and other parents’ children, the game he loved. This time, however, he was able to pull from his life experiences and use football to teach the life lessons he never received. “You’ve got to be tough, mind made up on the task, and willing to see it through regardless of the obstacles or distractions in your way”, says Curry. “And, Footballs no different… it presents you with problems play after play, game after game, and season after season, that you have to solve. And, my hope is that by teaching them how to solve problems on the field, that knowledge will translate everywhere. And when it doesn’t, positioning myself as that rock in their corner, ready to roll over any challenges they can’t conquer alone. Because that’s what I needed”.
And now, as the Director of Community Engagement for Soldier Up Sports, Coach Curry is able to be that rock…. by developing programs and curriculum to meet the needs and goals of student-athletes both on and off the playing field, as well as, implementing outreach and engagement plans to build support for student-athletes in need across the nation.


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